Original Gluhwein Marinade

ogl marinade

If you haven't tried it, this braai-master marinade is <div class= Add new comment

If You Can't Make It to the Island


If you can't get to the island, then you're just going to have to bring the island to you! 

Chilling with OC

extra chill

If anyone asks, we're "just chilling" tonight <div class= Add new comment

You can dance ;)


"Trust me, you can dance" - Margarita <div class= Add new comment

Movember Mojitos!


If you can't grow a mo, have a mojito! <div class= Add new comment

Netflix and chill

netflix and_chill

Our kind of netflix and chill <div class= Add new comment

Here's to a sweet weekend!


Shake, squeeze, sip, repeat! Have a sweet weekend friends 

Margarita, nice to meet ya!!

Margarita post_3_black

Margarita, nice to meet ya!! <div class= Add new comment

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