It's spring and time to drink cocktails!

Well, Spring is definitely upon us! The late afternoon Jozi thundershowers are well underway and Cape Town is getting rid of the last Winter storm cobwebs. We have an inkling that being pent-up indoors all winter is going to result in all of you making a massive effort to get out this summer. That’s why we’ve recently launched our super convenient 2 litre box, so you can take Original Cocktails wherever you go and not have to worry about running out of the good times.

Lightbox-Tower-Wrap-1At the Good Food and Wine Show in Joburg this past weekend we entered the 2 litre box into the “Product of the Year” awards and were elated to receive first place for innovation and convenience; third place for packaging and second place overall. We’re naturally very proud and can’t wait to see where you take us this summer. It’s with this in mind that we’d like to ask you to send photos to us of all the great places you’re going to be drinking Original Cocktails at – who knows, we might even send you some more boxes to extend the good times ;)

Speaking of the Good Food and Wine Show:  we had an unbelievably good one this last weekend. We were by far the busiest alcohol stand at the show with people waiting for up to an hour to get their 'Yard Glass' of cocktails. We had 6 people working on the stand at peak times and still we could now keep up with the demand. 4 machines running to keep the product frozen weren’t sufficient and on both Saturday and Sunday we were selling product in liquid state as we could not get the product frozen fast enough. We sold over 2000 yard glasses over the weekend, so that means that at least 2000 of you enjoyed a cocktail. We’d like to thank all our lovely fans for coming out to the show and having a cocktail with us, there’s nothing better than that.


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