Can we entice you with a Margarita?

Let’s have a little chat about Margaritas. No, we’re not talking about the cheapest pizza on the menu or the name of that Mexican girl you saw on the arm of your ex. We’re talking tequila mixed with Cointreau and lime juice – the stuff you drink with the salt around the rim of the glass. I’ve got this one friend, *Robyn, who basically likes a salt factory on the rims of her Margarita glasses; that’s a bit beyond the call of duty in my opinion.

As with most drinks of an alcoholic nature, no one can pinpoint exactly when the concoction came into existence. The most romantic of the stories goes like this: It’s October 1941, the world is at war, bartender Don Carlos Orozco of Hussong’s Cantina is having a slow day and decides to mix up some drinks. In walks the German Ambassador’s daughter, Margarita Henkel, who tries the drink and loves it. The only difference between your common Margarita and his one is that his one contained Damiana liqueur instead of Cointreau.

There are a whole host of other stories, including a claim by the Americans that the Margarita is simply a “Daisy” that uses Tequila instead of Brandy – this became popular during the prohibition when Americans would saunter over the Mexican border to get a drink. “Margarita” is, incidentally, Spanish for “Daisy.” Assume what you will.

Stories aside, the Margarita is so popular: it has its own glass which is often used for serving guacamole or shrimp cocktails – except when you put guacamole or shrimp in them; you’re not supposed to put salt on the rim. Know what I mean? Margarita glasses are also good containers for boozy trifles in winter. Here at Original Iced, we’re not too concerned with glasses though. Our Margaritas literally go the extra mile as our new 2 litre convenient box has shown. We’re so proud of all the photos you’ve sent into Facebook and we love your banter on Twitter. Please keep it coming and enjoy the last of summer!



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