Well Hello There, Strawberry Daiquiri

Surely, every glass of strawberry juice deserves to be blended with a classic daiquiri (some sugar, a splash of rum, a dash of lime juice and some ice). In fact it’s hard to think of a more glorious end for a strawberry than to land up as this icy, fruity and joyful concoction. Every glass of strawberry juice is, after all, just a daiquiri waiting to happen.

Strawb-DaquiriNow, let’s not be too hard on strawberries. They really are a charming little fruit and have the power to improve just about anything they happen to meet, but when a strawberry happens to meet a daiquiri, it becomes a Strawberry Daiquiri which, as we all know, is something very special. Oh, the colour! Oh, the mischief! Let’s also remember the free vitamins you get with your fun (thank- you strawberries).

Part of what makes a daiquiri so special is its rather dapper history: it was a favourite cocktail of some terribly handsome historical figures like American President John F. Kennedy and the witty adventurer Ernest Hemingway. With this kind of company the Strawberry Daiquiri is one “pink-drink” that even the manliest of men can be proud to drink.

The classic daiquiri is rumoured to have gotten its name from a beach in Cuba. A beach called Daiquiri! Even the most shoe-attached and sophisticated urbanite could have fun at such a beach. They are advised, however, to take along some strawberry juice, because, no daiquiri is quite the same without the strawberry (just as no strawberry is quite the same without the daiquiri).

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