10 Most Cheerful Moments in Game of Thrones to be Celebrated with Glühwein

Being a fan of the Game of Thrones TV series isn’t easy. You have to go through a whole lot of heart break and be prepared to be utterly devastated at least once a season. What this means is that when good things happen they are really, really good. Amidst the bleakness and despair there are little nuggets of joy that deserve to be celebrated.

impin   ain  t easy by spacemonkeydr-d4rxh8tWhat better way is there to celebrate small victories, while winter fast approaches, than with some warm, spicy glühwein. In fact, glühwein is in general the perfect accompaniment to Game of Thrones: you can, as we have argued before, use it to warm you when things get icy and you can use it to celebrate when things get good.

Here is a list of the really good moments in the first 3 seasons of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (those moments that we think most deserve a celebratory swig of Glühwein):

*Warning! Spoiler alert!*

1. Bran’s direwolf saves Bran from the assassin

Huzzah! This is a feel-good “Lassie-style” moment just when things are really looking wretched. Cheers!

2. Khal Drogo “crowns” Viserys Targaryen

OK, so this scene is slightly awful but admit it you cheered out loud, didn’t you? Who could blame you, he had it coming.

3. Every time Joff gets slapped

It worth hating Joff just for the singular joy that comes from seeing Tyrion and Cersei whollop his hateful little face. Let’s raise our glasses of glühwein for every slap and let’s raise them again for that time Tywin humiliated him by sending him to bed.

4. Daenarys’s dragons hatch

Winter might be coming but guess what: so are some kick-ass fire breathing dragons! Now if I could just get a small steady flame from Drogon to heat my glühwein.

5. Brienne of Tarth defeats Loras Tyrell at the Tourney of the Hand

Nothing quite like some good old fashioned Girl Power to brighten our lives. You go girl!

6. Hot Pie gets a job

This moment doesn’t get a lot of attention but it should. Let’s make a toast to Hot Pie for his budding career as a baker.

7. Jon Snow and Ygritte get busy in the “hot-tub”

Vow-breaking has never been sexier! And it turns out that Jon Snow does know a little something after all. The steaminess of this scene deserves a little steamy Glühwein.

8. Jamie saves Brienne from the bear

He comes to the rescue, despite being one hand lighter. Although let’s not get too carried away with the heroism. He did, you will remember, also try to kill darling Bran.

9. Gilly admiringly tells Sam he is like a wizard

Poor old Sam, he has had a bit of a tough time. This little moment of admiration is as heart-warming as a sip of glühwein.

10. Daenerys frees the Unsullied

That’s our girl! We suspect there will be a lot more of this kind of thing to come and can’t wait to celebrate all of it.

What’s your favourite moment on the show? Why not go back and celebrate it with our delicious and convenient pre-mixed glühwein. Then you can tell us about it on our Facebook page and Twitter Feed, where we are always looking for reasons to celebrate.


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