More Summer Madness

How exhausted are we? Well, after handing out over 1000 cocktails at Good Food and Wine Show Johannesburg and quenching the thirst of a sold out crowd at Taste of Joburg plus taking part in the MTN Festival – we’re putting our collective feet up for a bit.

Soon, we’re off to the Soweto Beer Festival, which is basically the biggest social event in Soweto, and it takes place over 4 days. It offers various “taverns of the world” featuring international beer brands and includes some of SA’s very own umqombothi. There are also some lekker loxion food stalls as well as fashion shows and a massive stand by yours truly.

Then we’d like to give you guys, our loyal supporters, massive thanks for standing by us. Fair Lady Magazine has made us a finalist in their consumer awards and this year we’re hoping for the win there. Check out our newly revamped Facebook Timeline photo in recognition of this. It’s a pity you guys can’t vote for us to win, or else we know we would have ages ago! ;)

We’re also one of the primary sponsors of the Out In Africa Gay and Lesbian film festival that starts on October 18th. We hope you will all dress in pink and have a ball of a time.

Looking forward to a cracker summer! Remember to take your Original Iced Cocktails on an adventure and show us, there might be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ;)




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