Claim your Youth!

We at Original Cocktails think that no matter what your age your youth is there to be claimed and we want to be there when you do it.

Some courage and a sense of adventure is all you need to live like you’re young: to squeeze all the fun you can out every moment (while squeezing all you can out of you package of Original Cocktails).

We have prepared this list of just a few things you can do to claim your youth (a practical guide, if you will, to being “forever young”):

1. Go on a road trip without a map or a watch. Eventually you will find a place you like. Pack some cocktails for when you get there.

2. Go skinny dipping where someone might see you. Where is the fun without the risk of getting caught?

3. Fall in love with someone you barely know. And get them to fall in love right back (some cocktails will no doubt aid your seduction).

4. Star in your own video for YouTube. Who knows what might happen...

5. Jump off of/out of something high up. An aeroplane, a bridge, or a cliff will do (but be safe).

6. Go to a bar and pretend you’re famous. A glamorous cocktail, a pair of sunglasses and a few white lies will get others to believe you.

7. Get a tattoo. Choose something that symbolises the best days of your life.

8. Find a deserted beach. Take your friends and your cocktails there and spend the night.

9. Sing karaoke in front of a big audience. Some pre-karaoke cocktails are bound to improve your performance.

10. Wear something silly in public. Make people laugh and laugh along with them.

How do you claim your youth? What do you do that makes you feel young? Share your experiences with us on Facebook and you could win an awesome hamper to keep you going during the holidays!

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0 #1 Tina Pieterse 2013-11-27 17:09
I was a bit of a wild one in my single, childless, wreckless youth! True story :) I've married and have 2 gorgeous girls now, I own a home and (dare I say it outloud) a mommy van! One thing however has not changed about me- my absolute and unconditional love of music. I have music on all the time and when I feel it- yes, I'm talking about that groove- I let loose and get down! Im talking ass shaking, hip swaying, on the odd occasion head banging, dirty dancing :) and I don't care who sees me or hears me singing like Diana Ross (that's my opinion) at the top of my lungs! My 2yr old always tells me to, "Mamma stop it, don't dance!" And my 6 month old chuckles- but I know I still have the moves!! No doubt! My random dance moves keep me young and ill be that old bird at my grandkids wedding 'breaking it down' and showing them how its done :) LONG LIVE DANCE! BOOYAH!

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