Winter time means Glühwein!

In South Africa, we don't typically change our drinking styles based on seasons. Beers, wine and of course COCKTAILS are beverages that we sip on as a nation regardless of what Mother Nature is doing outside. One one thing is certain, winter warmers are extremely comforting which is why we at Original love our Glühwein – A blend of red wine & spices.

140527 OC Glu 04 smlA nice crackling fire in the hearth with your loved one, warm blankets, a good book or your favourite TV show, these are comforts that warm you from your flushed cheeks to your slippered toes, and a good, warm cup of spiced Original Glühwein (7% ALC) would just complete the picture on any chilly day.

Another important part of winter comforts is food. You're not likely to want to snack on chilled watermelon or ice cream in front of your fire, but rather tend to lean towards broths, stews and soups. Glühwein, due to its spice components lends itself well to rich foods such as strong cheeses (think cheese fondues or cheese pastries), salted meats and bacon, spiced biscuits and confectionaries such as ginger snaps or German Wursts served with mustard.

First recorded in Rome in 1AD, Glühwein (Glow Wine) is now known as a traditional German winter drink. Made from mulling grape or berry wine with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, star aniseed, citrus and sometimes vanilla pods it should be drunk warm as the heat tends to open up the aromas and flavours.

Now we know that you can make your own Glühwein at home, but why not make life easy and have a cup of warm, spicy, quality Glühwein in minutes by making use of either our sexy 750ml bottle of Glühwein or have Glühwein on tap with our 2L boxes. Heat in a saucepan or the microwave, add a slice of lemon or orange depending on your preference and you’re all set to glow.

This is a seasonal product, so make sure you give it a try this winter. You won’t be disappointed.


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