Glühwein poached pears

140604 Gluhwein Poached PearsWinter desserts are such a treat. Warm puddings, spicy flavours, rich creams, custards and sauces. Now add Original Glühwein to the mix and you have a match made in spicy aromatic heaven!

While bread-like puddings such as Malva Pud and Tipsy Tart are often the go to desserts for winter, we thought we’d take advantage of South Africa’s winter seasonal fruit and so, after mulling it over with a cup of warm Glühwein, we came up with the perfect fruity, rich, warm, spicy winter pud. Glühwein poached pears with a cardamom infused custard!

Now you don’t have to be a Master Chef to get this one right, you just need a bit of patience. From start to finish, this recipe takes about 90 minutes, so it’s a great one for winter dinner parties.

Original Glühwein Poached pears:

Ingredients:140603 gluhwein pears 21
•    4 pears, peeled
•    3 cups of Glühwein
•    ¾ cup sugar
•    2 Tablespoons Orange or lemon zest
•    2 teaspoons vanilla essence
•    3 cinnamon sticks

•    Place all ingredients, except the pears, in a pot and bring to the boil
•    Turn your Glühwein mixture down to simmer and add pears
•    Turn your pears every 10 minutes until soft (Fork should poke through with ease)
•    Remove pears to cool
•    Reduce your Glühwein mix down by half to create a syrup

140603 gluhwein pears 27Cardamom Custard:

•    200ml milk
•    200ml heavy cream
•    3 x crushed cardamom pods (seeds removed)
•    ½ teaspoon vanilla essence
•    2 large egg yolks
•    20g castor sugar (This makes a very sweet custard, use 10g if sweet is not your thing)

•    Add milk, cream, cardamom and vanilla to a small saucepan and bring to the boil.
•    Once boiling, take the milk off the heat and let it stand for 20min to allow cardamom to infuse, then strain the mixture
•    Beat egg yolks and sugar together
•    Pour milk over egg mix
•    Strain milk and egg mix into a clean saucepan and put it on a low heat to thicken while stirring continuously. Do not allow it to boil!

Use your Glühweinsyrup to coat the pears and serve with warm cardamom custard and a steaming mug of Original Glühwein and expect exclamations of delight as you share your culinary skills with those you love.


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