Comforting Gluhwein and Food Pairing


Gluhwein season is in full swing, by now you’re probably already cuddled up with a bottle of our delicious Original Gluhwein, you’ve probably even tried out our Yummy Gluhwein Cupcakes, if not you can find the recipe here.

Original Gluhwein is a full-bodied red wine infused with hearty spices such as

Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmeg, permeated with citrus notes. Our Gluhwein is the perfect match for winter and so are these delicious food pairings. Check out our four best snacks to try with Gluhwein below.

1. Cheese Straws are simple to make and even easier to eat.



2. The creaminess of cheese will always complement the spiciness of our Gluhwein, why not throw some crackers into the mix too.



3. A slice of simple Rye bread is the perfect complement to our Gluhwein recipe.



4. Life in South Africa just wouldn’t be the same without some traditional Soetkoekies, pair them with a warm cup of Original Gluhwein for a traditional South African spin.


What do you like to pair with Gluhwein, we would love to hear and try out your

secret eats?


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