Original Origins - Gluhwein

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. As you cuddle up to your steaming glass of Original Gluhwein you might begin to wonder where thetradition started. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered sit back and relax as we take you through the history of Gluhwein and just how it ended up in South Africa.

Gluhwein has many names, you may have heard it being called Mulled Wine, Glög or perhaps just spiced wine. Essentially Gluhweinis wine that has been spiced with ingredients such as sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and oranges, what makes it special is that it’sheated almost to boiling point before drinking, making it the perfect inter companion.

The first recorded spiced and heated wine date all the way back to Rome, 2nd Century AD. The Romans travelled all across Europe,conquering much of it and of course inventing Gluhwein along the way.

Gluhwein (roughly, "glow-wine" from the hot irons once used for mulling) is still very popular in German speaking countries due to the Roman invasions.

Many European countries have their own twist on Gluhwein. The Dutch prefer lemons to oranges. Whilst in Moldova they add black pepper and honey. The Canadians even add maple syrup to their wine!

Because South Africa’s history is so colourful we have influences from all around the world and that is how you came to be drinking a hot cup of Original Gluhwein.


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