High Quality Ready Made Cocktails

Original Cocktails are cocktails made with real fruit juice and contain 5% alcohol and are ready made cocktails packaged in 300ml servings

For an authentic frozen cocktail you simply freeze your original cocktail for 8 hours, then squash the pouch when it is removed from the freezer and dispense into a garnished cocktail glass.

Original strawberry Daiquiri is blended to perfection with real strawberry juice, a dash of lime and rum to give you a cool refreshing sensation. Garnish your Daiquiri glass with a strawberry and strawberry leaves or mint leaves. Add 2 straws.

Original Pina Colanda is the perfect blend of real pineapple juice, coconut and rum to give you a delicious tropical island style pina colada. When garnishing your Pina Colada glass you can really go to town with a pineapple wedge, pineapple leaf, a cherry and if available, a coconut slice. Then top it off with off with a cocktail umbrella.

Original Margarita is a refreshing combination of real lemon juice, lime and tequila. Run a lemon wedge around your margarita glass, dip the rim in salt and decorate with a slice lime. Pour frozen margarita into glass.

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